David Tennant's Doctor Who minisode includes classic series crossover

doctor who children in need david tennant
David Tennant's Doctor Who minisode sees crossoverNatalie Seery - BBC

BBC's annual Children In Need fundraiser saw David Tennant's Doctor accidentally interrupt the Genesis of the Daleks in a minisode tonight (November 17) .

Featuring comedian Mawaan Rizwan, the special scene took place in a Kaled military base where an unmutated Davros (Julian Bleach) was presenting a prototype of the iconic villain to a scientist named Mr Castavillian (Rizwan).

The prototype included a multi-adaptable claw, which Davros was particularly excited about, while Castavillian scrambled to come up with an anagram of Kaled for their new name.

"Adlek", "Lekad" and "Klade?" he suggested to an unimpressed Davros, who briefly excused himself from the room.

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Left alone with the prototype, the scientist received a huge shock when Tennant's newly regenerated fourteenth Doctor burst in, knocking the claw off with the TARDIS.

"Just passing by because I got a bit lost," the Doctor said, unaware of what he'd interrupted, adding: "60 minutes ago I was this brilliant woman but now I've got this old face back again."

He was soon horrified to see he was at the Genesis of the Daleks, while Castavillian excitedly jotted down the name "Dalek" and "exterminate" for the creature.

"Wait a minute... Do you mean this is the genesis of the Daleks? I was never, ever here and you're not going to say a word," the Doctor insisted, telling the scientist to fix the claw with a toilet plunger before disappearing.

doctor who children in need mawaan rizwan
Natalie Seery - BBC

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Left alone with the 'fixed' prototype, Castavillian is left to await Davros' reaction to the new multi-adaptable claw – who saw the new addition and exclaimed: "I like it."

Tennant's appearance in the skit comes ahead of the actor making his return for the sci-fi series' upcoming 60th anniversary specials.

The actor previously played the tenth iteration of the iconic Time Lord between 2005–2010 and will be portraying the Fourteenth Doctor in the three episodes, which will air on November 25, December 2 and December 9.

BBC Children in Need airs on BBC One and will be available to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Doctor Who returns for three 60th anniversary specials, beginning with 'The Star Beast' on November 25. The show airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere.

Classic episodes of Doctor Who are now made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK as well.

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