David Duchovny admits learning to play guitar has been 'tough'

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David Duchovny credit:Bang Showbiz
David Duchovny credit:Bang Showbiz

David Duchovny is "never" going to be a great guitar player.

The 61-year-old star started playing the guitar a decade ago and despite having a long-standing love of music, he admits there are some limitations to his talent.

David - whose new album is called 'Gestureland' - shared: "I only started playing guitar about 10 years ago.

"I was a music fan, of course, and listened a lot, but like most people, I never thought that this lifetime was going to be one in which I played or wrote any music. I didn’t get it it early: kids can pick it up quickly, but as a 50-year-old, it’s tough.

"I’m not a good player. I’m never going to be a good player."

Despite this, David remains surprised by his own musical talents and how he's managed to develop them over the years.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I mean, I’m good enough to throw chords together! I can make a lot of different sounds and I can write songs off of sounds. I learned I could hear melodies, and that was a big surprise to me."

David is best known for starring in 'The X-Files', but he didn’t act at all between 2017 and 2020.

And he's admitted to focusing his attention on music because he wasn't being offered any interesting roles.

He said: "The truth is that I wasn’t seeing stuff that I was desperate to do. And I didn’t have to do it.

"I was trying to develop a couple of shows in that time that got far but not far enough; I hitched my wagon to a couple of non-starters. I didn’t line up with the marketplace for those three years, and that was fine, because I was trying to take a more hands-on approach than just attaching myself as an actor to something. And it’s just … it’s f****** hard. It’s a nightmare. But it’s worthwhile."

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