David Bowie had basic butties on backstage BRITs rider

David Bowie was 'weirdly not pretentious' credit:Bang Showbiz
David Bowie was 'weirdly not pretentious' credit:Bang Showbiz

David Bowie had basic butties on his BRITs rider.

Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant - who featured on a re-make of Bowie's 'Hallo Spaceboy' in 1996 - has recalled bumping into the late music legend backstage at the then-notoriously boozy bash, where the 'Life on Mars' hitmaker was chowing down on a ham baguette.

Neil spilled on 'Dermot O'Leary’s Reel Stories' on BBC2: “Bowie was fun and weirdly not pretentious.

“I remember him backstage at the BRITs eating a ham baguette.

“You imagine him to have Indonesian sardines, but there he was with a ham baguette.

“I loved Bowie. We went to see him at Newcastle City Hall (in the Seventies).

“I have still got his autograph.

“That was a big influence.”

Neil's Bowie tale comes after Moby recently admitted he wanted to fall on the floor and worship the 'Let's Dance' hitmaker when they played his 1997 classic ‘Heroes’ in his living room.

The dance hitmaker, 57, became such good friends with the singer before his death aged 69 from liver cancer on in 2016 that they went on holidays together, but Moby admitted he ended up feeling like Mike Myers’ character in ‘Wayne’s World’ when he met his hero Alice Cooper in the film.

He told Metro’s 60 Seconds column: “He was my favourite musician of all time. I used to work just long enough to save money to buy his albums. When we became friends, ostensibly we were peers, but then again very ostensibly because he was David Bowie – and I was not.

“But we were neighbours, we went on tour together, we had holidays together. I tried to keep it together but the entire time we were working on music together, like when we played ‘Heroes’ on acoustic guitar together in my living room, I wanted to fall on the floor like Mike Myers in ‘Wayne’s World’ does when he meets Alice Cooper.”