David Beckham still has an adorable keepsake from when he first met Victoria

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Last year, David and Victoria Beckham celebrated 20 years of marriage - a rare achievement among the A-list.

The couple married in July 1999 at an illustrious castle in Ireland after an 18-month engagement.

Over the past two decades, 'Posh & Becks/The Beckhams/Brand Beckham' have gone on to become one of the most recognisable celebrity couples, sporting unforgettable outfits (the matching leather Matrix looks springs to mind) and trend-setting haircuts, while continually supporting each others' professional projects.

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Appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, David spoke about the early days of his relationship when Victoria was better known as Posh Spice and he was one of the UK's most popular football players, as a midfielder for Manchester United.

Explaining that they met when Victoria came to watch David in a game with Mel C, the former athlete said he tried to get her number after they spoke over drinks in the players' lounge, revealing how the fashion designer gave her future spouse her phone number.

'She had got the train up that day so she wrote the number down on a train ticket, which I still have,' the 44-year-old said to cries of 'aww' from the studio audience.

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Back in 2008, Victoria spoke to ELLE UK about the ticket, saying that David had since told her he went home and 'wrote the number on so many other things' just in case he lost it.

The couple have since had four children: sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and their daughter Harper.

Two weeks ago, the youngest three children joined their dad for a family day out to sit on the front row of Victoria's AW20 London Fashion Week show.

Watch the full interview with Jimmy Fallon and David Beckham here:

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