David Beckham laughs as wife Victoria Beckham overcomes ‘greatest fear’ of riding a roller coaster

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Victoria Beckham conquered her “greatest fear” of riding on a roller coaster, but not without getting made fun of by husband David Beckham.

On 28 August, the former Spice Girls member shared on TikTok that she was at an amusement park with the soccer star in Aspen, Colorado. In the video, Victoria sat in front of David as she filmed the two gearing up for a rollercoaster ride. “David, what are we doing?” she asked her husband, to which he replied: “You tell me. We’re going on a roller coaster.”

“I’m so scared of roller coasters. So scared right now,” the fashion designer said to the camera.

As the two-person car started to make its way around the track, Victoria instantly began to scream. “Don’t go fast! Don’t go too fast!” she yelled to her husband. Victoria told David that she’s starting to “feel sick” once the roller coaster picked up speed, but David continued to laugh hysterically behind her.

“Oh my god, slow down!” she screamed in the video. At one point, Victoria even begins to sniffle, much to David’s surprise. “Are you crying?” he asked his wife.

Then, mocking his wife’s scared reaction, David yelled to the couple’s daughter, Harper: “Mummy’s crying!”

“Mummy, it’s okay,” Harper, 11, can be heard saying in the distance, but Victoria was not amused.

“It’s not funny,” she shouted, hiding her tears behind a black baseball cap and oversized sunglasses.


Trying to overcome my greatest fear 😧 I am literally terrified of anything that even resembles a rollercoaster!! Get the feeling @davidbeckham is really enjoying this ride!

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Victoria Beckham captioned the hilarious video: “Trying to overcome my greatest fear. I am literally terrified of anything that even resembles a rollercoaster!! Get the feeling @davidbeckham is really enjoying this ride!”

Her TikTok received 3.8m views, with thousands of users sharing their amused reactions to Victoria conquering her biggest fear.

“Bless,” singer Lady Gaga commented.

“David was enjoying this way too much,” one person joked.

“That’s a marriage. Wife panicking husband laughing lol,” said someone else.

“It’s David’s look of enjoyment cracks me up,” another user shared.

David Beckham seems to have a knack for lovingly poking fun at his wife of 23 years. He recently made fun of her “dodgy accent” during their Aspen family getaway.

In an Instagram story video taken by Victoria while on a hike with their daughter, Harper, on 26 August, Victoria told her followers: “So, we’re here in Aspen on a pretty major hike.”

Panning the camera round to show off the scenery, she added: “Look at the views.”

Out of frame, David could be heard in the background saying: “I hope you’re not putting that dodgy accent on.”

Dismissing her husband’s joke, Victoria replied: “This is just how I talk.”