David Beckham’s new H&M underwear advert released

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6 February 2013

David Beckham has released his latest underwear advert for H&M.

The short film for Becks’ H&M Bodywear range was posted on the brand’s Facebook page this morning.

In the advert, directed by Guy Ritchie, Beckham is seen chatting through the window of a car before it drives off and his dressing gown gets stuck under the wheel.

Cue Becks running through the Hollywood Hills to retrieve it.

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We see Victoria Beckham's husband jump over a hedge in a H&M Bodywear tank, briefs and fluffy slippers in a bid to get his robe back.

As the dad-of-four runs through a hedge, his tank top gets ripped off and he’s left in just his pants and slippers.

Becks then enlightens a group of boys by kicking a football as they play a game on the street before running through the LA streets half-naked.

As he runs past an outdoor swimming pool, he decides it would be quicker to swim through it and proceeds to stroke to the other side.

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At this point, Becks loses his fluffy white slippers and jumps over a vehicle with two blokes inside in an attempt to get his robe back.

Just as he gives him on getting his dressing gown back, a group of tourists pull as they’re on a Movie Star Homes Tour and snap him in his pants.

We could think of worse ways to spend our morning than watching Becks run around half-naked.

Let us know what you think of the new ad over on Twitter now.

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