David Baddiel jokes Prince Andrew can’t attend FBI interview because it clashes with ‘pizza night with the kids’

Ellie Harrison

David Baddiel has joked that Prince Andrew is refusing to cooperate with the FBI because the interview dates they have offered him clash with “pizza night with the kids”.

Federal investigators have accused the royal of providing “zero cooperation” with their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and his history of sexually abusing young girls.

Prince Andrew’s friendship with Epstein came under scrutiny last year and he gave a car crash Newsnight interview, in which he claimed he was physically incapable of sweating due to a war injury and that he was in Pizza Express in Woking on the night Virginia Guiffre alleged she was forced to sleep with him.

Baddiel has now referenced the excuses in a series of Twitter posts, writing: “Wondering if maybe it’s because he was shot at in The Falklands that Prince Andrew is now physically incapable of speaking to the FBI.”

He added: “The other possibility, of course, is that every date they’ve offered him for an interview is Pizza Night with the kids.”

The Duke of York’s interview was also recently mocked by Jimmy Carr, Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

“I’ve realised the Prince Andrew thing is basically a very posh version of Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’, said Ayoade. “Saw you dripping on the dance floor, I cannot sweat.”

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