David Attenborough and BBC Earth announce new immersive experience

david attenborough
BBC announces new David Attenborough experienceGetty Images

The BBC has announced a brand new immersive experience narrated by David Attenborough set to take place in London next year.

Titled BBC Earth Experience, the attraction will allow visitors to experience the wonders of the planet's seven continents without having to leave the country, using music and extended footage from the natural history series Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Using a 360-degree audiovisual journey, visitors will be able to see wildlife across the planet brought to life on an epic scale.

BBC Earth Experience tickets (from December 2)

Exhibits include fireflies putting on a spectacular light show in North America, snub-nosed monkeys huddling together to stay warm in Asia and hungry hamsters fighting to keep their food in Europe.

Tickets for the experience will go on sale from December 2, starting at £22 for children and £28.50 for adults and can be found here or through the BBC website. The exhibit will be held at London's Daikin Centre in Earls Court.

Speaking about the project, Mat Way, Global Director, Live Entertainment, Gaming & Interactive, BBC Studios said: "We are delighted to partner with Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation to bring the BBC’s ground-breaking natural history content to this amazing live immersive London location for everyone to enjoy."

David Attenborough's Seven Worlds, One Planet aired back in 2019 and quickly became the most-watched factual series of the year. Shot across 41 countries, the series highlighted the unseen beauty of planet earth as well as the challenges facing wildlife habitats in the modern age.

BBC Earth Experience will take place at The Daikin Centre in London from March 2023.

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