Neve Campbell Is Officially Returning For Scream 5 - Here's Who Else Is Joining

The iconic serial killer that is Ghostface is making a comeback, and he's bringing some familiar faces with him! Nearly a decade after Scream 4 hit theaters in 2011, the latest installment in the iconic franchise is in the works. And the most important part of the equation is slowly coming together: the cast. The franchise has gone through a long list of celebrities through the years, and it looks like Scream 5 will be adding a few new ones like Jack Quaid! David Arquette has already signed on to return, as well as Neve Campbell, so fans should be thanking their lucky stars right now. Keep reading to see who could be joining the cast when Scream 5 officially begins production.


Ring Ring: Just Calling to Let You Know Neve Campbell Is in Talks For Scream 5

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