The exact amount of time it takes someone to know if they want a 2nd date

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Most people know whether or not they want a second date within an hour of meeting. (Getty Images)

Whether you are currently dating or have dated previously, there’s one universal truth: first impressions are imperative.

In fact, new research has found that it generally takes people less than an hour to know whether they will want to go on a second date or not.

The survey of 2,000 Brits from Bonus Finder, revealed that it takes an average of 42 minutes and 29 seconds to decide whether your partner is second date material or not.

It also found the top things that Brits consider to be green, beige, and red flags on a date – with the biggest red flag named as not being independent enough.

Top 10 dating red flags

  1. Not independent – 78.9%

  2. Only talks about themselves – 76.2%

  3. Talks about ex partner too much – 75.7%

  4. No fashion sense – 74.5%

  5. Gets your name wrong – 70.7%

  6. Lazy – 70.1%

  7. Rude to others – 64.9%

  8. Excessive phone use – 61.9%

  9. Uses slang such as yeet, cop or bussin’ – 57.8%

  10. Doesn’t tip – 56.8%

Beige flags, which spent most of 2023 trending on TikTok, refers to little things that can irk you, but not enough to make them a red flag. They are often things that can give daters ‘the ick’.

The top beige flag noted in the survey was not being adventurous enough with their food choice – so maybe keep this in mind the next time you go to order a butter chicken.

Top 10 dating beige flags

  1. Not adventurous with food – 61.7%

  2. Gives indecisive answers – 55.5%

  3. Never been abroad – 54.3%

  4. Only likes one genre of music – 52.3%

  5. Non-specific/genuine compliments – 51.3%

  6. Agrees with everything you say – 46.2%

  7. Doesn’t know their left and right – 43.4%

  8. Makes cliche statements – 40.8%

  9. Doesn’t want to leave their hometown – 37.2%

  10. Makes a food or drink their personality (coffee, craft beer) – 37.2%

In terms of green flags, which are the good kind that shows that this is the type of person you want to be dating, attentive listening took the top spot, followed by offering to pay the bill and taking the lead with organising dates.

A man and a woman are face-to-face in a stylish environment. Their body language suggests they are very comfortable with each other, and enjoying time together as they have a lighthearted, emphatic and animated discussion. They both smile. Space for copy.
Being an attentive listener is the top green flag when dating. (Getty Images)

Top 10 dating green flags

  1. Attentive listener – 59.7%

  2. Offers to pay the bill – 46.8%

  3. Organises dates – 42.5%

  4. Shared sense of humour – 38.7%

  5. Is spontaneous – 34.7%

  6. Good manners – 30.8%

  7. Remembers your likes/dislikes – 29.4%

  8. Family orientated – 28.8%

  9. Showing enthusiasm – 28.1%

  10. Responsive/good communication – 27%

It comes after a separate study from 2023 also concluded that not being independent enough was the biggest red flag for 80% of Brits, along with not liking animals, and being too reclusive.

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