So, dating app Hinge just decided this woman's 'best match' is in fact one of her relatives...

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As many of us can vouch, dating apps can be ever so slightly... hit and miss. Something that Hinge user, Rosie Holt, discovered after the app revealed that her "most compatible match" on the platform was in fact her brother. Luckily, the actress and comedian took it all in her stride and posted about the hilarious mishap on Twitter.

Sharing what had happened with her followers, Rosie wrote, "Hinge has just suggested I match with my brother. FML." alongside posting up photographic evidence of the alleged dream match.

As per the tweet, rather amusingly, Hinge popped up with her brother Charlie's profile and presented her with a message: "Most compatible: Charlie & Rosie, we think you two should meet."

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Then, in a subsequent tweet, Rosie explained that despite telling the dating app it was a hard no (as you'd expect), Hinge continued to 'doggedly' pursue the match – presenting it to her brother, Charlie, too.

"I mean obviously, I told Hinge NO. But it’s doggedly [sic] pursuing it," she tweeted, along with a screengrab showing a message from her brother simply read "Bahahahaha" (and tbh, we have to agree).

Naturally, the Twitterverse was up in arms over the whole debacle (when isn't it?) and while most found the post, which has over 22,000 likes, pretty darn funny, one users pointed out that it wasn't the app's fault.

Rosie then added that she agreed with those comments too, saying, "This man has rightly called me out on my Hinge-blaming tweet and really given me food for thought. I would like to humbly apologise to Hinge and let them know I don’t hold them personally responsible."

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Needless to say, we're glad the siblings got a decent laugh out of the mishap – and of course wish them both every success in their future dating endeavours. 🙏

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