Dash introduces the deliciously wonky flavour of the summer

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Photo credit: Dash
Photo credit: Dash

Canned drinks brand Dash has launched a delicious new flavour, for an exotic summer. Making use of Alphonso mango season, each can is packed with bubbles, spring water, and plenty of delicious mangoes.

There were already five Dash flavours available to purchase: cucumber, lemon, raspberry, blackcurrant and peach. Mango is the brand's newest launch, and also contains no sugars, no artificial sweeteners, and no calories, putting it at the forefront of a new wave of healthy soft drinks.

Photo credit: Dash
Photo credit: Dash

A huge number of over 43 million tonnes of mangoes are grown every year, but those that are a bit misshapen and wonky, won't reach supermarket shelves. Dash salvage these mangoes, along with other fruits, blending them to create a delicious canned drink that is vibrant, and fresh.

“Everyone loves mangoes, there’s something about them that transports you to a sunny, happy place… and turns out they blend really well with sparkling spring water,” says Dash's co-founder, Jack Scott. “We rescue the not-so-perfect mangoes and turn them into tasty drinks – it’s pretty simple really! This flavour is already one of our bestsellers and I can’t wait for more people to enjoy it this summer.”

The new mango flavour is available to order online, and can be picked up in your local Wholefoods, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, to name a few. One case of 12 cans costs £14.99, or £11.99 when you subscribe and save. Currently, you can get a pack of 4 cans for £2.50 online with Sainsburys.

We think that the Dash cans are the perfect option for those who want to go alcohol-free at a party, or picnic - they're delicious and bursting with flavour. But for those who do drink alcohol, these smart and colourful cans act as great mixers, and won't give you a sugar crash the next day.

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