Danny Elman thinks Michael Keaton will look 'practically' the same in Beetlejuice 2

Danny Elfman is excited for Beetlejuice 2 credit:Bang Showbiz
Danny Elfman is excited for Beetlejuice 2 credit:Bang Showbiz

Danny Elfman says Michael Keaton won't "look that much different" in 'Beetlejuice 2'.

The iconic composer - who will reunite with longtime collaborator Tim Burton for the highly anticipated sequel - is excited to see Keaton back as the titular ghoul and expects him to look the same as he did in the original 1988 classic.

Speaking to Deadline, he revealed that someone sounded surprised when they recently asked him about the AGE-year-old actor returning to the character.

He explained: "I said, ‘He’s not even going to look that much different. That’s the beauty of the Beetlejuice makeup. He already looked like he was 150 in the first one.'

"It’s perfect, you know? Everybody else has to play the next generation, except for Michael. I mean, he’s still like really fit and really active and really on it.

"And with the Beetlejuice makeup, I can’t even imagine it’s going to look like he’s changed practically at all. So, I can’t wait for that.”

'Beetlejuice 2' was recently confirmed by Warner Bros during the studio's CinemaCon 2023 panel last week.

There have also been rumours that Jenna Ortega could be in the running to star in the upcoming sequel.

The actress stars in Tim Burton's Netflix series 'Wednesday' - which is based around the Addams Family character Wednesday Addams - and back in March, The Hollywood Reporter suggested she could be taking on another project with links to the director.

Burton helmed the 1988 film - about a couple of ghosts who enlist a spirit named Beetlejuice to help them rid their home of its new inhabitants - and the report suggested he will be back to take charge of the sequel which is now expected to begin filming in London either early this month or in June.