Danny Elfman: ‘I’m terrified death is round the corner’

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Danny Elfman is terrified of death credit:Bang Showbiz
Danny Elfman is terrified of death credit:Bang Showbiz

Danny Elfman is terrified of death.

Despite being a fitness fanatic who recently showed off his overhauled toned physique, the 69-year-old composer said he always feels as if the end for him is round the corner.

He told the Independent on Thursday (11.08.22): “Well, of course I’m afraid of death. But I’ve also been obsessed with death ever since I was in my twenties. “I always feel that death is around the corner waiting to get me, and I’ve spent my whole life feeling that way.”

Danny, who has composed for 16 of Tim Burton's films, including ‘Batman’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, as well as ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’, has recently shown off his six pack on stage singing with his band.

He went on about his fear of mortality: “My view of life is you’re on a giant escalator and every step is another year of your life.

“Somewhere just ahead of you is the Grim Reaper. You get one more step and wham! He’s got you. You’re f*****’ gone.

“And you can see behind you, but you can't see ahead. It’s just a blur. So you can look back and go, ‘Wow, I’ve got 69 steps behind me. Damn. Do I have one more? Or 20 more, or 30 more in front of me?’

“There’s no way to know. So every birthday I feel like I’ve cheated death one more time.”

Danny, who shares a son with his actress wife Bridget Fonda, 58, stunned fans in April when he showed off his new physique playing the Coachella festival in the Colorado desert.

He and a 50-piece orchestra played music from ‘Batman’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, the back catalogue of his Eighties new wave band Oingo Boingo, ‘The Simpsons’ theme, and his recent solo album ‘Big Mess’.

Viral tweets about the performance compared Danny’s new tattooed, ripped physique to the one displayed by Robert De Niro’s psychopath in ‘Cape Fear’.

Danny said about stage fright being more on his mind than how people would react to his new look: “The feeling I had before going on was that this was gonna end up having been the worst idea of my life.

“We had this ridiculously complex stage setup. I’m not sure anybody ever has had such a complex stage set-up, because unlike in previous orchestral film-related shows, my musicians were actually mic’d and playing and technically it just seemed impossible – I had nightmares weeks leading up to it. And of course the beautiful thing of when you put yourself at great risk is there’s a chance it’ll work.”