Danny Dyer's real-life daughter Dani, opens up on EastEnders cameo with her dad

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Danny Dyer's real-life daughter, Dani has opened up about her role with dad in EastEnders.

Dani recently signed up for a cameo in the BBC show that will see her playing a cab driver who picks up Danny's character, Mick on his way to wife Linda's baby scan.

Mick is running late when he hops into Jeanette's cab (played by Dani), discovering that she's also pregnant. While Linda waits for Mick at the hospital, he's forced into action when Jeanette's water breaks on their way.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Having welcomed her own son Santiago earlier this year, Dani has admitted: "To be honest, I started looking at YouTube first to see how pregnant women act and then I realised I've been pregnant so I was better off relating to myself!

"I absolutely loved being pregnant, so it was mad having a bump back on and it made me miss my bump even more!"

The role also required Dani to master a new skill for filming – she actually had to drive Jeanette's cab.

"I was scared but we did loads of test runs so I felt more relaxed when it came to filming," she explained. "I'm not the most confident of drivers so they kept their eye on me. I definitely won't become a cab driver anytime soon!"

Photo credit: MTV
Photo credit: MTV

On top of the pressure of actually having to drive a cab on screen, Dani had to act opposite her EastEnders legend dad Danny in all of her scenes.

"We have acted together before but this was definitely a lot more than what we've done in the past and it was brilliant," she said. "I really love working with my dad he really does make work easy with whatever we do together. I did stall the car a few times and I forgot to open the window.

"My dad's also got a habit of trying to make me laugh, so I really had to ignore the little things he did."

EastEnders continues for a double bill on Tuesday (June 8) at 7.30pm and 7.55pm on BBC One.

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