Danielle Lloyd struggled with home schooling in lockdown

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Danielle Lloyd credit:Bang Showbiz
Danielle Lloyd credit:Bang Showbiz

Danielle Lloyd has admitted she struggled with home schooling during lockdown.

The 37-year-old star - who has sons Archie, 11, Harry, 10, and George, seven, with ex Jamie O'Hara and Ronnie, three, with husband Michael O'Neil - admitted she found things tough during the pandemic when Harry was diagnosed with ADHD.

She told Closer magazine: "I really struggled because I'm dyslexic, so when they'd ask my how to spell things, I'd say, 'Ask SIRI'.

"During the pandemic, Harry was diagnosed with ADHD, and he's dyslexic too, which made things even tougher.

"It was a struggle trying to teach three kids, but it's hard for Harry to concentrate, so eventually the school let him go back in when we asked, which was great."

The eldest boys are ready to go back to school, and Danielle has revealed they already have a set routine to "get themselves ready" each morning.

She added: "I've taught them from a young age to get themselves ready so they come down dressed.

"They can make cereal but I have to help most of them prepare their breakfast. They know how to make their own beds, so they do that, too.

"I've always made sure their routine is set, otherwise the house would be mayhem."

However, Danielle - who is pregnant with her first daughter - admitted sometimes that doesn't go entirely to plan.

She said: "Some mornings I'm screaming at them at the door to hurry up, but since the lockdowns I've been really on the ball because they've had enough to deal with so I want to make it really stress-free.

"Their school bags are always in a certain place, and we have a box for shoes in the hallway.

"Though some mornings they still can't find one of their shoes!"

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