Dan Webb from MAFSA has been charged with fraud

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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One of Married At First Sight Australia's former contestants, Dan Webb, has been charged with fraud – according to various reports, the reality star stands accused of being involved with a multi-million dollar telemarketing scheme, along with ten others (some of whom also face money laundering charges). The prosecution are arguing that the scam raked in around $24 million.

It's believed that the alleged cold-calling scheme pre-dates Dan's appearance on the sixth season of the show and that police have been investigating it since 2013. According to the Australian Associated Press, Dan appeared in court in Brisbane earlier this month and the trial - which is ongoing - is set to last for three weeks in total. Roughly 500 people are believed to be on the witness list for the fraud trial.

Dan has not publicly commented on the charges or his alleged involvement.

[MAFSA spoiler alert] During his time on the show, Dan was initially paired with fellow love-hopeful Tamara Joy, who he at first appeared to have a spark with. However, he later decided that relationship wasn't a good fit for him and hooked up with Jessika Power, another contestant who was in a marriage with farmer Mick Gould.

His relationship with Jessika has sadly seen Dan on the receiving end of nasty comments on social media, causing him to recently speak out on Instagram Stories. "All the people in UK right now watching and abusing me with some really low comments, my advice to you is firstly correct your spelling as some of you t**ts need grammar lessons," Dan wrote (his season aired in Australia two years ago, but has only just come to E4 in the UK).

He added, "Secondly that show was filmed 2 yrs ago get on with it and thirdly unfollow me don't need any more haters. I have converted most to lovers so no room for peasants 🙋♂️. As for the rest of you, thanks your great (sic)." Currently, Dan is in a relationship with fellow Aussie, Amira Marotous, who has not appeared on any reality TV shows (that we know of).

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