Dan Snow defends Gary Lineker's 1930s Germany comments

Talking on Times Radio, historian and broadcaster Dan Snow defends Gary Lineker's comments that compared the UK's immigration policy to 1930s Germany, saying that the language used in his comparison is valid to a degree.

Credit: @TimesRadio Via Twitter

Video transcript

DAN SNOW: If you're looking to say that we have nothing in common with 1930's Germany, immediately trying to get the person fired who said that and shutting down that debate is not terrific look. I mean, the sort of perhaps demonstrating that you're very happy with that free speech and you choose to ignore it, and that might have been a clever way to handle it for those who disagreed with him.

There are very clever historians, eminent people who have said he was right. That the language of the 1930's became about othering, talking about picking on a group in society and giving them a kind of disproportionate agency in the problems that working men and women faced. The reason your lives are rubbish is because these people over here.

Now clearly, there's-- migrant boats is a problem that people are very exercised about. But you know, for example, it's less likely to affect your life than the cost of childcare.