Dame Judi Dench rules out marrying again

Dame Judi Dench rules out marrying again credit:Bang Showbiz
Dame Judi Dench rules out marrying again credit:Bang Showbiz

Dame Judi Dench has “never, ever” discussed marriage with her partner.

The ‘Belfast’ actress has been in a relationship with David Mills for the last 11 years but they have maintained separate homes and she and the 78-year-old conservationist are very happy with the way things are.

She quipped: “It brings a lot of driving [to the relationship].”

She then added to Saga magazine: “No, we’re just two very independent people who don’t want to move.

“Sometimes we see each other quite a lot during the week, sometimes we don’t.”

And asked about the possibility of marriage, she said: “We have never, ever discussed it.”

The 87-year-old star has one daughter, Finty Williams, from her marriage to Michael Williams – who died of cancer in 2001 – but she admitted she dreamed of having six children.

She said: “I wanted a house full of them. I would have loved to have had that. But it didn’t happen, alas.

“I didn’t get married until I was 36, so I left it a bit late. I wouldn’t have minded not working, not at all.”

Instead, Judi and Michael created a “family community” in 1995 by moving to Stratford with her widowed mother and her spouse’s parents.

She said: “My first dream had always been a family community. All our parents jumped at it, so we bought a house and all lived together with Fint as a little girl. We had all our high days and holidays there, both our Mas died there. It was lovely.”

During lockdown, the ‘Skyfall’ star’s grandson Sam, 24, moved in with her to keep her company and he kept her entertained by introducing her to TikTok.

She said: “It was absolutely wonderful to have him there and he taught me about TikTok.

“It was thrilling, but it was very, very hard to coordinate.

“Still, it was wonderful to have a new thing to learn.”