Dame Helen Mirren's thorough skincare regime

Dame Helen Mirren takes care of her skin credit:Bang Showbiz
Dame Helen Mirren takes care of her skin credit:Bang Showbiz

Dame Helen Mirren "always" goes beyond her neck with her skincare routine.

The 76-year-old actress rarely wears low-cut outfits these days but on the occasions she does, she's confident any exposed skin is in good condition thanks to her regular regime.

Referring to the blue velvet Elie Saab gown she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, she said: "With this blue gown at Cannes in 2018, I had decided I'd had enough of frills and sequins and I didn’t want to sparkle that year – I just wanted something sculptured and tailored, and I loved the slightly medieval feel of the dress.

"It was low-cut, so my make-up artist took my make-up down to my neck.

"I always take my skincare right down to my décolletage, even though I don’t tend to go so low-cut any more."

The 'Red' actress never takes too long choosing her outfit for a big event because she doesn't like to "fuss around".

She told Telegraph magazine: "When it comes to the outfit I choose for an event, I’m really quick. I work with either a stylist or a fashion designer and see what they’ve got and what they can lend me. And I can see what will work immediately. I won’t fuss around. "

Helen is never fussy about her make-up look either because she puts her trust in the "amazing" make-up artists who help to get her ready for the red carpet.

She said: "I’m very free with my make-up – I get to work with amazing make-up artists, so I just let them do whatever inspires them.

"For this L’Oréal Paris runway show last year, which was right in front of the Eiffel Tower, the make-up artist Val Garland just said, 'I feel like doing something really, really extreme.'

"The reaction from people to the thick, heavy eyeliner was a mixture of amazement and a tinge of horror, which is a good reaction as far as I’m concerned. I thought it was so fun! And of course I had an amazing outfit on, so the whole thing worked. The whole look was very bada**."