Dame Deborah James calls for brands to include bowel cancer symptoms on toilet roll

The 40-year-old You, Me, And The Big C presenter, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016 wants big companies to include symptoms on the disease on loo roll.

Video transcript

DAME DEBORAH JAMES: Congratulations, Kara. I'm so pleased that you are talking about the hard work you have put in and what you have achieved. I know we've both gone through bowel cancer and we've spoken so many times about getting the signs and symptoms on a loo roll . But you finally did it.

And I am really, really proud of you for doing that. It's the start of things to come. I think we should do a big shoutout to other companies now saying, come on, like, where's your signs and symptoms? Forget about the puppies. I'm bored with puppies.

We need like, actual like, information signposted on those loo rolls. So I'm hoping that lots of other big brands will now go, yeah, hang on, this makes massive sense, this is what we need to be doing. So I can't wait to see that happen. And a massive, massive well done to you, girl.

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