Daisy Jones and The Six fans are all asking why Pete isn't in TV series

We're not ashamed to admit how excited we are for the new series Daisy Jones and The Six to drop on Amazon Prime next week (we may even have a countdown on the go). The miniseries is an adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel of the same name about a fictional band in the 1970s and their rise to fame. However, many eagle-eyed fans have spotted that band member Pete is actually missing from the TV series.

In Reid's novel Pete Loving is the sixth member of The Six before they join forces with Daisy. He's the bassist and is brother to Eddie Loving who is the rhythm guitarist. He doesn't really say a lot in the book and towards the end he tells Eddie once the tour is over he'll be leaving the band and marrying his girlfriend Jenny.

daisy jones and the six where is pete
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

However, in the TV series Pete isn't a character and some fans are not happy about his exclusion.

One person on TikTok said: "Wondering how they'll justify the band being called 'The Six' when they chose to erase Pete's character in the adaptation."

Another on Twitter asked: "Why is Pete not in The Daisy Jones and The Six show I am kinda distraught over this."

And another said: "Can't believe they’ve erased Pete from the adaption of Daisy Jones and The Six whattt."

So why isn't Pete in the series? Well Taylor Jenkins Reid reassured viewers there is a reason as to why Pete won't be there and that we shouldn't worry.

In an Instagram story posted in August 2021 before filming began on the series Reid said: "I just want to say don’t worry about why it’s called Daisy Jones and The Six when there’s no Pete. There’s a great answer and just know you’re in good hands."

Many fans have been theorising as to how Pete's absence and the band being called The Six will be explained.

Some fans believe the band will be called The Six to follow the plot in the book in which early band member Chuck dies after entering military service. They think that the band will then keep the same name of The Six to honour Chuck.

daisy jones and the six where is pete
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

It's an interesting theory, but we'll have to wait until the series premieres next week to find out if it's true.

Daisy Jones and The Six will premiere on Prime Video on 3rd March

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