'Daily Show' sheds light on 'Michael the Black Man' from Trump's rally in Phoenix

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, comedian Roy Wood Jr. stopped by to shed light on the mysterious Donald Trump supporter who was seen at Trump’s recent rally in Phoenix. His name is Michael the Black Man — and yes, that is what he goes by. Michael the Black Man is African-American, sported a perm and a ponytail, and carried a sign saying “Blacks For Trump” while standing behind Trump at the rally. It’s safe to say he stood out in a Trump crowd and drew a bit of media attention. But his history is a little startling.

Miami New Times reported that Michael is a former member of the murderous Yahweh ben Yahweh cult, and MSNBC reported that that cult stabbed and beheaded people in the early 1990s.

Though Michael the Black Man has a bit of a shady history with following a charismatic leader, not to worry — he’s reformed. Wood Jr. said, “Don’t freak out about it. He wasn’t accused of beheading anybody, though he was accused of gouging a dude’s eyes out with a stick. But he was acquitted. It was the ’90s. Sh*t was crazy. Hammer pants, cocaine. Everybody had a stick in the ’90s.”

Michael the Black Man has a website that claims, among other things, that Cherokee Indians are the real KKK, and that ISIS is teaming up with Hillary Clinton to start a race war.

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