Dad’s hack to keep his newborn from crying is ‘genius’: ‘You need to patent that idea’

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A dad figured out how to get his newborn to stop crying with a pretty innovative hack.

Professional boxer Marco Hall and wife Brooke Ashley Hall are parents to sons Mar’Cannon and baby Caedon. Marco and Brooke run The Beverly Halls YouTube channel, where they have 1.12 million subscribers. Meanwhile, on TikTok, Marco has 5.5 million followers while Brooke has 6.3 million. The couple is known for their humorous takes on family life.

Grab your skillet and say cheese!:

In one video, Brooke captured the moment Marco was changing Caedon’s diaper in the nursery.

“How to stop your baby from crying. The super dad hack,” Marco captioned the video.

Caedon was lying in a small bassinet on the ground. He was quiet, calm and chill for a newborn. That’s probably because Marco had his iPhone strapped to his head. The father was playing an episode of the kid’s show Cocomelon. It turns out Caedon was just totally mesmerized by the cartoon. Marco kissed his son and tossed the dirty diaper. A super dad indeed!

“My heart. Can’t believe I caught you two doing this,” Brooke wrote in the comment section.

The video received almost 700,000 likes on TikTok.

“You need to patent that idea. If you don’t, I will,” someone joked.

“Super dad is very creative,” another wrote.

“That’s genius,” a user commented.

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