Dad gets 667 tattoos of daughter's name, reclaims world record

British dad Mark Evans reclaimed a Guinness World Record by having the name of his daughter, Lucy, tattooed on his body 667 times. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

Sept. 11 (UPI) -- A British dad reclaimed a Guinness World Records title by having his daughter's name tattooed on his body a total 667 times.

Mark Owen Evans, 49, originally earned the record for the most tattoos of the same name on the body in 2017, when he had his daughter's name, Lucy, inked on his back 267 times.

Evans lost the record in 2020, when American Diedra Vigil had her own name tattooed on her body 300 times.

Evans reclaimed the title by adding 400 more Lucy tattoos -- 200 on each leg.

"I couldn't wait to claim the record back and dedicate this to my daughter," Evans told Guinness World Records.

Evans said he initially set the record to celebrate the birth of his daughter and raise money for the hospital that cared for her during her first few months of life.