Cycling Fashion And Accessories For Perfectly Practical Cyclists!

Cycling Fashion And Accessories For Perfectly Practical Cyclists!

Now you’ve got your bike  all you need now is some totes rad cycling gear, and of course, some jazzy beyond belief accessories. If you are shopping for clothes to wear on your bike there is a delicate balance to be struck. On the one hand, you don’t want to be pedaling round in a top to toe lycra onesie like Olympian Chris Choi on track for gold! (although believe me, quite a lot of very competitive male cyclists in London do seem to think this is a good look). So you still want to look like a human being, and a stylish one at that. HOWEVER! Cycling can make you a) a bit warm – so lightweight, breathable fabrics are the best, then b) you’ve got that pesky chain to think about so huge flares and palazzo pants are far from ideal (although you could consider so nifty trouser clips) and lastly if you’re cycling on roads, and particularly at night, a few fluorescent or reflective touches are advisable. 

Two more sneaky tips – over the winter I was loathe to part from my gorgeous Zara coat, although it was too heavy to wear on my bike. I simply folded it up and popped it in my basket to put it on at my destination. Ooh – and although we probably shouldn’t necessarily encourage this sort of behaviour – cycling is the opposite to walking – so whereas wearing high heels like stilettos you can cycle in with ease, platforms and big wedges are a chunky clunky no no!

Agu blue clouds cycling poncho
Cycling Fashion And Accessories For Perfectly Practical Cyclists!

Agu cloudy rain poncho. £29.99 from - VERY House of Holland SS 2012 we think!


blue Bern cycle helmet

Wicked BERN blue helmet £49.99 from

Pink handlebar bag


leopard handlebar bag

I would like this supercute handlebar bag in either pink or leopard print - they are both fab! £69


cyclodelic cycling dress

The cute cycling dress £89 function plus style - perfect!  

green neon Cambridge Satchel

Neon Cambridge Satchel £100 from ASOS

Miss Selfridge wacky leggings
Miss Selfridge leggins

Miss Selfridge ‘Designed By’ leggings £25

Miss Selfridge Lily print leggings £20

Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women-only bike rides and there are six events around the country in 2012 with the first one on the 13th May just north of London. To find out more and to enter visit

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