Cybex Libelle review: we tried the world's most compact travel stroller

cybex libelle travel stroller review uk 2022
Cybex Libelle travel stroller review UK 2022

If you're a new parent, you will no doubt have spent a fair amount of time weighing up which pushchair to buy. But once you've found the ideal travel system for your little tyke, do you really need a separate stroller for travelling too, and what are the benefits of using a lightweight buggy?

The new Libelle travel pushchair from German-born baby brand Cybex is arguably one of the smallest and lightest strollers on the market, making it the perfect companion for long haul flights, day trips and mini breaks.

But just how important is size and weight, and does the Libelle live up to its claims? We put one of the world's dinkiest strollers through its paces at home and away.

Do you need a travel stroller?

Strollers of all types tend to be a big investment and what you need in the early days can rapidly change as your little one develops. One moment you're looking for something to easily navigate supermarket aisles and the next you're booking holidays and realising that buggies and aeroplanes don't always mix.

The key to a good travel stroller is being lightweight and compact enough to lug about when collapsed, while also performing like a dependable and user-friendly buggy when in use. And importantly, if your travel stroller is small enough to be classed as hand luggage on an aeroplane, it might save you money too. Check out our rundown of the best lightweight strollers for more on the subject.

So, if you already have an everyday pushchair and you simply need something small and nippy for your holidays, you’ve come to the right place.

Cybex is an award-winning company that’s best known for kiddy car seats, but the brand’s lightweight stroller offering did not disappoint. The Libelle is a breeze to assemble, performs like a dream on most urban surfaces and - perhaps most importantly of all - collapses to the size of a handbag at the touch of a button, making it ideal for air travel.

Keep scrolling for our take on the benefits of the Cybex Libelle travel buggy.

cybex libelle travel stroller review uk 2022
cybex libelle travel stroller review uk 2022

Cybex Libelle Stroller stats: Age range: 6 months-4 years | Stroller weight: 5.9 kg | Dimensions: 102 x 52 x 71cm| Folded size: 48 x 20 x 32cm

The Cybex Libelle first impressions

The Cybex Libelle is said to be one of the smallest strollers on the scene and certainly lives up to its lightweight and compact claims, weighing in at just 5.9kg and folding down to 48 x 20 x 32 cm.

For comparison, the average briefcase measures 40 x 35 x 10 cm, so the Libelle really does fold up small. Our first impression was actually shock! How can something that small ping open and become an average size and sturdy feeling stroller? It defies all logic! But as you can see from our two-year-old tester above, despite its diminutive size the Libelle is a comfy ride.

The Cybex Libelle foldability

The Cybex Libelle is officially hand luggage compliant. In just seconds, it folds into an ultra-compact package that is small enough to fit into a bag, be taken on train or a plane and definitely stores away in an overhead compartment. In fact, when we first tested it, we were stunned to discover that it folds in on itself twice, making it ideal for lockers, car boots and general travel.

That said it does require two hands to manoeuvre, so if you’re solo parenting with a little one in tow, you will need someone to hold the baby while you pop the buggy up. But it takes milliseconds and if you have good upper body strength, you might be able to hold your travel companion under one arm while you open the buggy with the other. Our two-year-old tester is very heavy for his age, so we had to plonk him on the floor while we set things up, but once he was safely installed, he seemed content.

The Cybex Libelle handling

How a buggy handles on different terrain is a subject you only really consider when it isn’t working well. Struggling with cobbles, stairs or wonky wheels? If your buggy is underperforming this is when it shows.

Fortunately, the Cybex Libelle rides like a dream. In fact, the wheels are so smooth, it made things feel easy. We narrowly missed a connection on our travels so had to run with the buggy, and it sped across the terminal with no trouble at all. We also rate the wide handlebars, which made tight corners and stairs easy to navigate.

The Cybex Libelle stand out features

Aside from the aforementioned dinky size and good usability, the Cybex Libelle comes with an adjustable seat which our little tester found useful for naps on the move, plus lots of padding and the straps were easy to use.

Some buggies require both sides to strap in at the same time which can make things tricky when you’re trying to manhandle a reluctant baby octopus. But the Libelle can be clipped in one side at a time, making it easier to strap wriggly toddlers in if they’re making a bid for independence in a busy travel spot such as an airport terminal.

Our verdict

Compared to some of the premium lightweight strollers on the market such as the Babyzen Yoyo or the Bugaboo, at £259.95, the Libelle is a mid-range stroller and competitively priced. But most importantly, it really does fold up incredibly small without losing any essential pushchair elements including comfort, handling and ease of use. We're big fans and highly recommend this dinky stroller for travel and popping about town. BUY NOW

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