Custard cream blonde is the hot new shade of summer

custard cream blonde hair trend
Custard cream blonde is the shade of summer©German Larkin

What Harriet Muldoon doesn't know about blonde hair isn't worth knowing. Senior Stylist at Larry King South Kensington, she's called the 'Queen of Blonde' by those in the know. It's true – there's plenty of technical skill one needs as a hair colourist – but a great colourist also has an ability to sniff the air. To identify mood and trend. To tap into colour that feels specifically right for now.

And that's just what Muldoon has gone on to create with Hollywood star Kate Hudson, with a shade she's calling custard cream blonde. It's rich, it's sexy, it looks expensive... And yes, it's the shade you want to be showing your colourist this summer.

"Custard? Yes, it's a hot colour this summer," says Muldon. "Custard cream blonde is a statement shade with a pale undertone of yellow, to give it a really rich effect. For Kate, I wanted to created highlights that were lifted to a slight yellow undertone, to allow the warmth to come though. Using a liquid colour smudge on the base can help blend the blonde and create a seamless effect."

custard cream blonde hair trend
Daniele Venturelli - Getty Images

It's sunny, optimistic, and just on the right side of custard. Keep Kate's shade, above, screenshotted for your next salon appointment.

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