Curve Model Issues Important Reminder That All Bodies Belong in the Fitness Industry

Sophie Lait.<p>Courtesy of Alex Cameron</p>
Sophie Lait.

Courtesy of Alex Cameron

The fitness industry can sometimes be an intimidating place, but luckily, we have influencers like Sophie Lait to remind us that regardless of body type, we all belong.

Lait, a content creator and curve model represented by Bridge Models, took to Instagram on Oct. 29 to issue an incredibly important notion to her 220,000 fans and followers. She recorded herself working out at the famed Tulum Jungle Gym in Mexico, an outdoor workout facility.

“POV: you’re watching a ‘soft body’ gal working out to prove to you that we deserve to show up in the fitness space,” Lait wrote across the screen, over top footage of herself performing weighted squats in a string bikini.

She further noted in her caption, “I’m showing up in case you’ve not seen your body type represented in a while!! All bodies deserve to take up space in the fitness industry.”

Lait, who regularly shares fitness and modeling content online, encourages her followers to embrace self-love, while reminding them that they are more than just their bodies.

“Cellulite, back rolls, wobbly arms etc etc etccccc are parts of NORMAL BODIES that no one should be ashamed of OR judged for!! We are all beautiful,” she added in her caption. “The fitness space isn’t for one body type! Inclusivity = more safe spaces for people to freely express the relationships with their bodies 🩷.”

The comments section was filled with Instagram users who felt seen and proceeded to share their appreciation for Lait’s message.

“Thank you for representing us 👏🙌 ❤️,” one person noted.

“Funny how I’ve never heard the term ‘soft body’ before even though it applies to me and has since probably forever,” someone else added. “Claiming that for me. ❤️.”

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