How To Use Curry Powder When Baking Desserts

Curry powder and desserts
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A spice blend whose origin is widely misconstrued, curry powder is a global staple that's used to add heat and depth to food. People mistake it for an Indian ingredient when it's actually a British adaptation of garam masala, the actual spice blend that's essential to various Indian dishes. Curry powder's base component is often turmeric, with other spices like fenugreek, sesame seeds, saffron, garlic, cinnamon, and cardamom added in. The blend creates a sweet and savory harmony, and depending on the spices used, can range from mild to fiery hot. Its complex flavor makes curry powder a good ingredient for making deliciously intriguing desserts. Plus, it works best with slow-cooked dishes so baking will give the spices enough time to work their magic.

Before incorporating it into baked treats, check your curry powder's list of components to get a better idea of its spice level and what flavor profiles it complements best. Since turmeric has a mild flavor, a blend that lists it as the first ingredient may not give you the punch of warmth you are looking for. With plenty of options available, don't limit yourself to the usual variants found in the supermarket when making curry-infused desserts. Unless it's used as a dry rub for meats, curry powder must be blended with a liquid so the spices can release their flavors into food better. When making baked desserts, you can mix the curry powder with milk, yogurt, or melted butter included in the recipe.

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Curry Powder Contrasts Well With Rich And Creamy Flavors

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake - Creacart/Getty Images

A good place to start when making curry-infused desserts is the unexpectedly delicious pairing of chocolate and curry. Give your fudgy death by chocolate cake a refreshing brightness by adding the spice blend to the batter or the buttercream frosting. If what you have is something like the chili-infused Madras curry powder, you can use it to make a spiced white chocolate cake so its heat get tempered by something sweeter and creamier. Shortbread cookies are buttery treats that will also do well with a bit of curry warmth and color. Add 1 ½ teaspoons of the spice blend into the recipe to make pastries with an intriguing heat, perfect for nibbling on during chilly days.

Curry powder can also add delicious complexity to fluffy, flavored loaves. The next time you have some extra-ripe bananas, whip up a spiced sweet potato banana bread or a more tropical spiced pineapple banana loaf. Even mango bread and carrot cake taste great with a curry infusion. The sweet produce used in these breads are already frequently paired with curry powder in savory dishes so play up the sugary side of their combinations for baked goods that are familiar-tasting yet exciting. Unfortunately, delicate pastries like meringue won't do well with the addition of curry powder, which would overwhelm their flavor. But no matter what you bake, use a light hand when mixing the spice blend in so the dessert won't come out too spicy or bitter.

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