Can you cure puffy eyes with an ‘ice lipstick’?

Gliding a frozen tube under your eyes is certainly soothing, but preparing the whole thing beforehand is anything but

The hack
Using a small cold compress with a tip – in this case, a frozen lipstick barrel – to alleviate dark circles.

The promise
Cold compresses are a great reliever of swelling, and using something small with a tip should (in theory) be effective on dilated blood vessels. The question is whether an old lipstick is the best tool for the job. TikTok seems to think so.

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The test
Everyone from cold-bath enthusiast Wim Hof to Hollywood legends (Joan Crawford splashed her face with cold water 25 times each morning) has extolled the virtues of “icing” your face to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. But this is needlessly time-consuming. First, I removed the lipstick remnants from the bullet with a cuticle stick (time: 30 minutes). Then I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol to avoid bacterial contamination (10 minutes). Finally, I filled the tube with water and put it upright in the freezer (three minutes by propping it up with vegan Magnums). Next day, behold: a tiny ice roller. Using it in circles around my eyes was cooling – and it did depuff the area a little – but no more than a cold flannel or ice cube in clingfilm would have done. My dark circles were unchanged and the ice melted in about 30 seconds.

The verdict
Resolutely style over substance. For one minute of ice-rolling, I’d rather pop my face into a bowl of ice-cold water.