Cult Western horror show announces surprise return three years after it was canceled

 Wynonna Earp season 4.
Wynonna Earp season 4.

In true Wynonna Earp form, everyone's favorite donut-scoffing, whiskey-drinking gunslinger is rising from the dead.

On February 8, the fantasy horror show's creator Emily Andras announced (via Vanity Fair) that the series was being resurrected for a 90-minute scripted special, which will be airing on Tubi in late 2024. Melanie Scrofano is set to be back as the titular protagonist, while Dom Provost-Chalkley will return as her sister Waverly. Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell are also on board, as Doc Holliday and Nicole Haught, and they might not be the only familiar faces that show up, either...

According to the publication, the TV movie will be called Wynonna Earp: Vengeance and pick up a few years after season 4 ended.

"Doc and Wynonna have been on an adventure, and Waverly and Nicole have been at home in [the Earp hometown of] Purgatory, doing their thing," Andras explained. "I think it's going to be really interesting to see, hopefully, what gets everybody home – maybe facing a challenge they've never faced before, something pretty intense. It's all your favorite – hopefully – character moments, but also a little bit about growing up and sort of, like, being who you are now and earning all your choices."

Think Brooklyn Nine-Nine meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wynonna Earp centers on the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. After a reckless few years, Wynonna returns to her hometown of Purgatory, near the Canadian Rockies, and soon learns of her inherited supernatural duty: sending revenants, the reincarnated criminals that Wyatt killed, back to hell.

It aired between 2016 and 2021, when SYFY announced that its fourth season would be its last. "I'd like to thank our wonderful cast and crew, all of whom were instrumental in bringing Wynonna Earp to our loyal and passionate audience," said Andras at the time. "We couldn't be prouder of these last six episodes on SYFY, and are thrilled to share them with our beloved fans, who have changed our lives forever. I have been honored to tell Wynonna and her family's story, and along with Seven24, Cineflix and CTV Sci-Fi, are hopeful we can continue to share their inspiring tales in the future."

Wynonna Earp fans, known as Earpers, are no strangers when it comes to rallying behind the show for more content. After the COVID-19 pandemic threatened the likelihood of a season 4, they launched the #SaveWynonna hashtag in 2019, and later descended on New York's Time Square to celebrate the series' renewal.