"This Is Your Cue To Leave": People Say This Woman's Boyfriend Who Kicks Her Out Of Bed Every Day At 4 A.M. So He Can Sleep Comfortably Is A Red Flag

The dynamics of women in their early twenties dating older men can get tricky, especially regarding which partner's wants and needs are prioritized in the relationship.

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That's why I, and thousands of others, were fascinated by this story by a 24-year-old woman, Cucumbertrees, who wonders if she's selfish for not wanting to leave her bed and sleep on a loveseat/floor every morning so her boyfriend can sleep comfortably. Here's the full story: "My boyfriend (male, 35) works overnight, and every morning between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. when he's off, I (24-year-old female) am asked to leave the room so he can receive a good rest. Am I selfish for not wanting to leave the bedroom when he comes in from work?"

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"He says I’m being selfish whenever I don’t leave the room, he says me sleeping beside him makes the room extremely hot and that my movements wake him up."

"But sleeping out in the living room for another few hours is uncomfortable, and I hate it. It's extremely brighter than our room, as our bedroom has blackout curtains."

"The couch isn't big enough to lay on (it's technically a loveseat), and the floor is way too hard on my body."

"We own an air mattress that I could sleep on, but we also have a cat that would pop that baby in an instant. We also talked about buying a couch, but he's not willing to contribute to purchasing a couch because 'I'm the one who wants it.'"

So what do I do in this situation?? I feel it’s unfair I constantly have to sacrifice only five to 6 hours of sleep for myself so that he could have a peaceful eight hours."

"Am I wrong in this situation? And if I am, how should I continue to go about it?"

This was my face after I finished reading. Well, this relationship is a hot mess, and the fact that he won't even help buy a couch for her to sleep on says A LOT.

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A bunch of people in the comments felt the same way I did, as the overall consensus was for her to leave him. ASAP.

"Move out," Live_Journalist_916 said. "I would suggest that when he leaves for work, you pack a bag and go stay with a friend. Let him come home to an empty house, and then he can get all the sleep he wants because his ask is ridiculous and selfish," user annod75 agreed.

"Girl, why are you letting this man treat you like Cinderella's step sisters treated Cinderella? Break up," user Revolutionary_AD1846 said.

"My guess is this selfish behavior and gaslighting isn't limited to just the sleep situation. If you turn off your rose-colored glasses, it probably permeates the whole relationship."

A few people called out the tricky dynamics of a 35-year-old man dating a 24-year-old woman.

"This seems to be a pretty common theme with couples that have a 'big' age difference. For some reason, these older dudes feel the need to push their younger partners around when they feel like it. Tell him to go sleep on the couch or get a hammock or whatever. Why are his needs more important than yours?" user GabagoolMutzadell said."There's a reason he's 35 years of age and chose to snag a 24-year-old. Usually, there's a red flag when guys cannot vet or obtain women their own age," user Guiderail-MothQueen agreed.

"This is your cue to leave the relationship. He only cares about his rest," user sharpassanarrow wrote.

"If he truly cared about you, he'd look forward to cuddling up to you when he got home."

Some people sympathized with the boyfriend's lack of sleep but still called him out for his handling of the situation with his girlfriend.

"I can sympathize with having an odd sleep schedule and needing to figure out a way to get enough sleep. I would regard that as a ME problem, though," user FigNinja wrote. "If I needed to do something like set up a separate daybed somewhere and sleep on that a couple of nights a week, I would take the initiative. I wouldn't expect a partner to sleep on the couch or the floor for me."

"Some couples have trouble sharing a bed, but they can still have a healthy relationship because they know how to find a solution that works for both of them," user charmer143 agreed.

"Kicking you out and not participating in finding a solution to your problem other than to kick you out is selfish of your boyfriend. To be perfectly honest, that's not the behavior of someone who cares about your well-being."


This man is a red flag.

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