The Crown fans are all disappointed with one Princess Diana scene

the crown viewers are all disappointed with one princess diana scene
The Crown viewers disappointed with Diana sceneNetflix

The Crown season five is finally here, and if you're anything like us then you'll have already raced through the Netflix series. Season five features a slight time jump to the 90s and focuses on a rather tense period for the Royal Family, with multiple divorces, a fire at Windsor Castle and two new prime ministers to contend with.

The series includes dramatisations of many memorable moments for the Royals, from Princess Diana's Panorama interview, to the reveal of the 'tampongate' scandal. However, one iconic moment is receiving backlash from fans for being disappointing.

Many Netflix viewers felt they had been let down with the "revenge dress" scene in episode five 'The Way Ahead', and expected to see more of a build up to the iconic moment.

the crown viewers are all disappointed with one princess diana scene
Keith Bernstein - Netflix

To recap: the "revenge dress" scene is based on the real life moment when Princess Diana wore a black Christina Stambolian dress to a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994, shortly after Prince Charles' seemingly confirmed his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles during the documentary Charles: The Private Man, the Public Role. The dress has long been interpreted as having been worn in "revenge" by Princess Diana.

Many fans were intrigued to see how Netflix would handle the iconic moment, however were left disappointed with the scene. In The Crown, Diana (played by Elizabeth Debicki) is seen selecting and wearing the dress as part of a scene interwoven with clips of the rest of the Royal Family reacting to Charles' interview.

People have taken to Twitter to share how they wish they'd been shown more of the moment with one person saying: "The revenge dress deserved more screen time in The Crown."

Another said: "The Revenge Dress deserved its own episode but instead we got 60 minutes of Philip being depressed in Russia."

And a third added: "Wish they included more of the revenge dress scene, still iconic though."

Elizabeth Debicki, who played Princess Diana, said doing the "revenge dress" scene was full of pressure and the fittings for the dress were "lengthy" as the dress is so complex.

Speaking to British Vogue she explained: "I let the fittings happen around me while I thought about what the dress meant. Why this dress? She’d had it for two or three years. It was super risqué at the time.

"She was claiming the space. The way she walked out of that car, the luminosity, the strength of her as that car door opened, she was so fast and so forward. It’s an extraordinary thing to watch. To decide what you’re saying about yourself through fashion… it was a currency. An incredibly powerful currency.”

The Crown season five is available on Netflix now.

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