The Crown cast respond to criticism following "crude sensationalism" claims

the crown cast respond to criticism surrounding fictional dramatisation disclaimer
The Crown S5 cast respond to criticismPhoto Credit: Keith Bernstein - Netflix

The Crown season five has officially arrived on Netflix! After what felt like the *longest* wait, the historical drama is back on screens with a brand new epic cast. This time, the show takes us into the '90s, honing in even more on Prince Charles and Diana's relationship and their ultimate divorce.

The new series premiered today (9 November), although the show is already facing criticism - with The Crown's cast now responding to backlash.

The Crown has come under fire on various occasions throughout its four seasons. Complaints have largely surrounded historical accuracy, while Dame Judi Dench recently accused the show of being "crude sensationalism".

Ahead of the latest instalment, Netflix added a "fictional dramatisation" disclaimer to the S5 trailer. And now, the cast have spoken out to hit back at critics.

the crown cast respond to criticism surrounding fictional dramatisation disclaimer
Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein - Netflix

Speaking at the show's premiere, cast member Dominic West (who plays Prince Charles in S5) told BBC News, "I think a lot of people are very sensitive about the show since the Queen died," adding, "A lot of people are worried about what will be in it, but I don't think they need to be."

Former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major previously criticised his representation in the show, telling The Mail on Sunday that a scene involving conversations about the Queen abdicating was "a barrel-load of malicious nonsense".

Responding to criticism, The Crown's Jonny Lee Miller (who plays Major), told the BBC, "I think it's been misrepresented in the press and it's a big fuss about nothing."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Debicki (who plays Princess Diana) went on to assure viewers that the new series is "empathetic" and "fair" to "both sides".

the crown season 5 cast respond to criticism

Previously, Dame Judi Dench wrote a letter to The Times, saying, "The closer the drama comes to our present times, the more freely art seems willing to blur the lines between historical accuracy and crude sensationalism." Published the same day as Judi's letter, The Crown's series five trailer description called the show a "fictional dramatisation" that is "inspired by real events".

The Crown season five is streaming now on Netflix.

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