Crocs has turned its divisive shoe into a $300 crossbody bag

Sarah Young

Croc-cynics beware: 17years after the spray-clean rubber clog's invention, the divisive shoe has been turned into a bag.

LA-based brand Pizzaslime has joined forces with the polarising brand to transform its clog into a crossbody bag.

Available in two colours – yellow and black – each bag is made from the rubber shoe, taking the area where a person’s foot would usually live and replacing it with a pouch and zipper.

The shoe-cum-bag also features seven custom deteachable Jibbitz – the charms - has been made in a limited run of 25 and will set you back $300 (£229).

Making the big reveal on Instagram, Pizzaslime wrote: “The official Pizzaslime x @Crocs collab REVEALED! So… we went waaaaay outside of the box for this one and turned a Croc into a functional and quality made cross body bag.

“WE'RE BEYOND STOKED TO DROP THIS! Over the past few months we've put a lot of time, sweat, and tears into developing this product that has never been made before. It was a looooot harder than it looks.”

This isn’t the first time Crocs have infiltrated the fashion world.

While they were originally developed as a boating shoe, Crocs quickly became the go-to footwear choice for hospital workers and avid gardeners, before a triumphant appearance on the runway in 2016.

Making their debut during Christopher Kane’s Spring/Summer 2017 show, the shoes came adorned with fur and gemstones.

“Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoe,” Kane said at the time.

“I love that they are slightly awkward and might be perceived by some as ugly. They have a very naive and childlike shape, which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot.”

The crossbody bag is available in yellow and black (Pizzaslime/Crocs)

While many remained unconvinced, the appearance signalled a turning point for Crocs as, just one year later, they reappeared on the runway.

In October 2017, Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia, thrust the humble Croc into the limelight once again by adding a 10cm platform sole and a collection of Balenciaga Jibbitz.

The shoes proved so popular among the fashion crowd that they sold out before they had even been released in pre-sales on Barneys website.

While the Crocs x Pizzaslime bag may be a contentious creation, the brand’s previous successes in fashion indicate it could be a hit, as do the comments on Pizzaslime’s Instagram post.

“Omg, I neeeed this”, one person wrote.

Another added: “Best collar of 2019 already revealed, take my money”.

Christopher Kane sent Crocs down the runway of his spring/summer 2017 collection

A third commented: “Shoe bags are the future”.

Of course, not everyone was convinced by the creation, with many people confused about why someone would want a bag made from a shoe.

Balenciaga created a platform version of the Croc in 2017 (Balenciaga)

“Ok, who are the dumba**es that are gonna buy this [sic]” one person said.

Another agreed, adding: “This is the worst things I’ve ever seen”.