Are Crocs Appropriate Footwear for Formal Weddings? The Internet is Divided

After a groom said “I do” in a pair of black clogs, Redditors weighed in on the comfortable fashion choice

<p>Getty</p> A black Croc; a stock image of a groom


A black Croc; a stock image of a groom

To Croc, or not to Croc — that is the question.

On Tuesday, a Redditor shared a post that sparked a heated debate about wedding footwear. Specifically, it begged the question: are Crocs appropriate wedding footwear for a groom?

The post, shared on Reddit, is titled “Terribly Groomed,” and shows a bride and groom who appears to be wearing very traditional, formal wedding attire — with the exception of his shoes.

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For the nuptials, it appears that the groom ditched dress shoes, and instead paired his classic black tux with a pair of black Crocs, which he wore with black socks.

The Redditor who posted the photo — concealing the couple’s identity with emojis — critiqued the groom’s choice of footwear in the caption, writing, “Imagine you get ready for 3 hours and your groom shows up in crocs.”

And, across from the groom at the altar, the bride is also dressed in a formal white, off-the-shoulder gown and pearl-embellished veil. Unlike the groom, however, whatever shoes she paired with the look is unknown, as her feet are concealed under her dress.

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<p>Getty</p> A stock photo of a bride and groom


A stock photo of a bride and groom

The top-voted commenter speculated that she may also be wearing Crocs, writing, “I hope it’s an inside joke between the two of them … I can’t see her feet so idk!”

One user theorized that the groom suffered a “shoe disaster right before the wedding ceremony,” while another guessed he was grappling with an injury.

"He probably has an injured foot or broken toe,” the Redditor wrote. “He’s perfectly groomed (a pun) otherwise and obviously tried to camouflage his socks and crocs with his attire.”

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In other comments, the theory that the bride was also rocking Crocs under her gown remained popular, with one user writing, “Plot twist: she’s probably wearing white Crocs too. I mean if you’re both going to anticipate being on your feet all day until they’re swollen, y’all might as well be comfortable.”

<p>Getty</p> A stock photo of a bride and groom


A stock photo of a bride and groom

And, adding to the theory that the choice was intentional, one user noted, “those crocs are clearly new.”

Another echoed the “inside joke” hypothesis, writing, “[I’d] like to see her shoes, I'm thinking white crocs,” and a different user agreed, arguing that the groom's Crocs should not have landed him in the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit.

“My brother and sister in law wore crocs at their wedding due to a family inside joke,” they wrote.

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Another Redditor even praised the newlywed's decision to rock comfy footwear — and said they would do the same.

“The older I get the more hostile I become to discomfort,” the user wrote. “At this point I'm thrilled to see someone in Crocs at their wedding. I wish more people had the confidence to choose function and comfort over attractiveness and social norms.”

“I'm old and grumpy and just done being uncomfortable in clothes or shoes that just do not function well. If the plan is to be on your feet for hours then dance all night then I'd rather be in the Crocs,” they continued, adding. “Choosing comfort is my mountain to die on.”

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