Crock-Pot's New Slow Cooker Takes All The Guesswork Out Of Cooking

Marianna Gould
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Photo credit: Crock-Pot
Photo credit: Crock-Pot

From Delish

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. We LOVE a good slow cooker. Why? Well, they save you lots of time (and effort), and pretty much do all the cooking for you.

You can make a variety of recipes, including Banana Bread, Fajitas, and even a Whole Chicken. And they're one of the easiest things to use. You quite literally set it, and forget it!

Introducing Crock-Pot's TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker, which may change the way we cook forever.

Brand-new for 2020, and perfect for evenings spent with family and friends, this slow cooker is the kind of the kitchen gadget you dream of having. I mean, who doesn't want dinner cooked for them?

Promising to "take the guesswork out of cooking," this gadget comes complete with a "schedule meal" feature, which automatically determines the correct cooking process based on the end mealtime, food type, and the quantity of food being cooked. (We told you, it's amazing).

We're also obsessed with this slow cookers automatic keep warm function. It'll keep food at an optimum temperature without overcooking, making it perfect for entertaining.

It features a slim profile with digital controls, and has a 5.6L capacity. It's basically begging you to throw a socially-distanced dinner party!

Need more of a reason to purchase Crock-Pot's TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker? It's been tried and tested by our editor and she's a big fan!

*Brb, buying one right this second*

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