Crochet flower bouquets are the spring project you need to try

crochet flowers
Crochet flower bouquets are perfect for springDmitrii Maslov - Getty Images

Everyone loves receiving a bouquet of flowers, but it's always so sad when they eventually die. Of course, you can dry your flowers – but what if there was a way to have a bunch of flowers which lasts forever?

Look no further than this gorgeous crochet project to make your own bouquet of flowers. It's the must-try spring project which crafters all over the world are sharing on social media at the moment.

They're the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen table or craft desk – and also make a lovely birthday present for a friend or a special Mother's Day gift.

There are so many different designs to choose from for your next crochet project – from sophisticated tulips to pretty lavender. Create a bouquet with colours and shapes to suit your home and style.

Most of the flowers are made by using a crochet hook and yarn to create the flower head, which is attached to a stem made from wire wrapped in green yarn. Depending on the flower, green crochet leaves are sewn or glued onto the stem.

Get in the mood for spring with tulips

Tulips are such a gorgeous flower for this time of year. While real tulips only last a few days in a vase, these tulips will last forever!

The account @.wannabebookworm shared their tulip on TikTok, made by sewing pink crochet petals together and glueing it onto a stem. Long green leaves are then attached partway up the stem.

Brighten your desk with lilies of the valley

Crochet flowers are a beautiful way for craft lovers to brighten up their work space. The account @noeulnim shared a video of their desk on TikTok, complete with a lovely sprig of lilies of the valley.

To make the bunch, they worked white crochet flowers with yellow centres onto wire, layering them with leaves.

Make a statement with a light-up daisy bouquet

Why not go one step further and add a lighting feature to your flowers? The account @augustfemme shared a beautiful bunch of daisies on their TikTok account, which they'd embellished by tucking in brown paper and wrapping the flowers with fairy lights.

It's the perfect crafty gift that your friends and family will cherish!

Create a bouquet of flowers as a gorgeous gift

Why stop at one flower? Once you've got the bug for making crochet blooms, putting a whole bouquet together is the perfect next step.

The TikTok account @Jamyandjo shared a video of their beautiful bouquet, made up of crochet daisies, lilies, roses, eucalyptus and foliage. You'll never need to fork out for an expensive fresh bunch again!

Have you made crochet flowers? Share your bouquets with us by tagging @primamag in your photos on Instagram!

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