These Crisps Cost £25 But No One Can Figure Out Why

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We love a posh crisp – you know the likes of Walkers Sensations, Kettle Chips and those crisps that are made from dried vegetables. They’re dead posh, innit. And when you know you’re getting a more luxurious snack, we don’t mind paying a little more money.

But these crisps from Fortnum & Mason really take the biscuit. Or should that be crisp?

Fortnum & Mason is currently selling a 500g tub of crisps that costs £25. Yup – 25 English pounds.

The Bonilla a La Vista Patatas Fritas Crisps, which are vegan, are currently being sold on the Fortnum & Mason website. They’re made using just three ingredients: potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and natural sea salt. So, what’s with the £25 price tag, guys?

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Well, according to the Fortnum & Mason website, these are “like none you have ever tasted before” and “will keep you coming back for more.”

Apparently, the Bonilla a La Vista Patatas Fritas Crisps have been produced in Spain for over 80 years and are officially “gourmet snacks" that are perfect for "picnics, parties or simply as an afternoon snack, share with friends alongside seasonal dips, such as spicy salsa or hummus, or keep them all to yourself."

Hmmmmm, not being funny, but if we’re paying £25 for 500g of crisps – which would usually cost a couple of quid – we’re expecting them to be dusted with gold and come with a side of diamonds…

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