Cressida Bonas shares first picture of baby boy as Prince Harry breaks silence over romance

Prince Harry has a string of ex-girlfriends and one of them, Cressida Bonas, shared an adorable picture of her baby son on the same day that the Duke shared details of their split in his explosive memoir Spare."Welcoming 2023 with these 2 treasures," she captioned the post of herself lying on the sofa with her son snuggled into her chest and her pet dog in the crook of her arm. "Happy new year everybody!" she added.WATCH: 7 times Prince Harry has made sister-in-law Kate Middleton giggle in publicLoading the player... var track = function (evt_name) { dataLayer.push({ 'event': evt_name, 'eventValue': { 'category': 'videos', 'action': evt_name, 'label': 'HELLO - ibbTyzos', 'videoUrl': '', 'videoTitle': '7 times Prince Harry has made sister-in-law Kate Middleton giggle in public' } }); }; var playerInstance = playerInstance || []; playerInstance['ibbTyzos'] = jwplayer('MC4xNjUwMzIwMCAxNjcyOTYwNDkxMzU1Mzk='); playerInstance['ibbTyzos'].setup({ sources: [ {file: '', label: '480'}, {file: '', label: '720 HD', default: 'true'}, {file: '', label: '1080 HD'} ], primary: 'html5', image: '', related: { file: '', onclick : 'play' }, autostart: false, file: 'ibbTyzos', title: '7 times Prince Harry has made sister-in-law Kate Middleton giggle in public', sharing: {} }); function getDataPermutive() { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { let maxRetries = 2; let countRetry = 0; let checkingInterval = setInterval( function() { if (countRetry { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { try { return getDataPermutive().then(_pdfps => { let playerConfig = playerInstance['ibbTyzos'].getConfig(); const sections = playerConfig.advertising.schedule; const updatedSections = new Array(); sections.forEach(function callback(section, index) { let offSet = section.offset; let tagUrl = section.tag; let playerSegsPerm = encodeURIComponent('&permutive=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.parse(_pdfps || '[]').slice(0, 250).join(','))); tagUrl = tagUrl.replace(/(cust_params[^&]+)/, '$1' + playerSegsPerm); updatedSections[index] = {tag: tagUrl, offset: offSet}; }); const updatedPlaylistItem = Object.assign({}, item, {adschedule: updatedSections}); console.log('Permutive added to Pre-roll !!!'); resolve(updatedPlaylistItem); }).catch(() => { console.warn('Permutive no data!!!'); resolve(); }); } catch(error) { console.warn(error); resolve(); } }); }); jwplayer().onPlay(function () { track('play'); }); jwplayer().onPause(function () { track('pause'); }); jwplayer().onComplete(function () { track('complete'); }); jwplayer().onSeek(function () { track('seek'); }); It comes after Harry opened up about their romance, writing in his autobiography Spare that he broke down in tears when Cressida asked him about his late mother, Diana. Harry wrote that she asked "with the perfect combination of curiosity and compassion", adding: "I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh no, I’m crying.' It’s the first time I’ve been able to cry over my mother since we buried her."He went on to share that they ended their relationship because the actress did not want "to take on the stresses that came with being part of royalty," with Harry explaining that he was also unsure if he wanted to ask her "to be a part of it".FEATURE: Six times royal brother relationships have turned nastyROYALS NEWS: Prince Harry addresses attendance at King Charles' coronation in new interview trailerIt is thought Cressida's son was born in November; Cressida and her husband Harry Wentworth-Stanley were pictured at the end of November with their new arrival, with Cressida pushing along a pram as she took a stroll through west London.Cressida and her longterm love Harry, both 33, were married in a private wedding ceremony in July 2020. The White House Farm star, who dated Prince Harry from 2012 to 2014, exchanged vows with estate agent Harry, the son of the Marchioness of Milford Haven, with only a handful of guests present. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cressida Bonas (@cressida_bonas_)Cressida shared the gorgeous pictureCressida happily announced her engagement to Harry in August 2018, four years after they rekindled their romance. The pair are believed to have met when they were both students at Leeds University, before Cressida met Harry.In January of that year, in an interview with ES Magazine, the star opened up about her initial wedding plans and how she wanted to keep her big day relatively low-key."I won't have a huge wedding, that's not really us," she explained. "We aren't traditional people, even though Harry proposed in a traditional way – I've never thought about how someone would propose to me. And I don't want a meringue dress. People look beautiful in them, but I don't think I would."All you wanted to know about Royalty and more! Listen to our brand new podcast all about the royals.Make sure you never miss a ROYAL story! Sign up to The Royal Explainer newsletter to receive your weekly dose of royal features and other exclusive content straight to your inbox.