How to create a festive mood with minimum fuss

Natasha Goodfellow
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Photo credit: Our Lovely Goods
Photo credit: Our Lovely Goods

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Music makes such a difference to the atmosphere of the house, and as soon as December hits we seem to have music on 24/7. We love a little bit of Christmassy jazz – Nat King Cole or Louis Armstrong – as well as the cheesy classics and, of course, music with a nod to our heritage: some Afrobeats, Highlife and Afro Jazz.

Photo credit: Ebi Sinteh
Photo credit: Ebi Sinteh

There’ll always be candles on the Christmas table. Eating by candlelight is something we do throughout the year, it just makes things feel a bit more special. We sometimes light a candle at breakfast, too – usually when my daughter is at nursery and I have a moment to breathe.

Try mixing different types of candles to create an atmosphere. We like to use a selection of container candles, beeswax tapers and tealights, which look great on a mirror or in a mirrored tealight holder to bounce light around the room.

It’s not just about the light they give off, think about the fragrance, too. I grew up with scented candles at home and, when I started making my own, I loved experimenting and seeing the moods different scents can create. Warm, spicy smells like cinnamon and orange zest are classics for Christmas, while the clean, woody fragrances of pine, bergamot and clove also work well.

This article first appeared in ELLE Decoration December 2020

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