Crazy Crisp Pick 'n' Mix Combos Are Causing Chaos On TikTok

crisp pick n mix
Crisp Pick 'n' Mix Is Causing Chaos On TikTokTikTok

If you're a Pick 'n' Mix person at the cinema, you'll know the unbridled joys of filling your little paper bag or cup with all your favourite goodies to munch on. Imagine the same vibe, but with crisps, and that's what #FoodTok has been up in arms about recently.

One particular TikTok account is responsible: @mixyourcrisps. The account calls itself the "UK's First Crisp Pick n Mix, Made For Crisp Lovers," and you can order their crisp pick n mix online (£4.99 for a 200g bag with a max of five flavours from the brand's website).

Their very first TikTok was posted only last week, but it's already been seen by over 300,000 people, and most of them are very confused.

The video shows a mix of Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Tangy Cheese Doritos, (now this is where it goes off piste) Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations, Giant Wotsits, and Original Pringles in a large plastic box.

Presumably this box was being sent out to a slightly deranged crisp fan, but viewers weren't totally convinced. Some people said it would be cheaper to buy the crisps from a shop and do it yourself at home, and others were worried the crisps would go stale before they reached their final destination.

Some say the idea is a version of Walker's Mix Ups, the Cheese version of which combined Wotsits, Doritos, French Fries and Monster Munch. But with the Mix Ups from Walker's not readily available in most shops, what's a mixed-up crisp lover to do?

Other commenters had qualms about the flavours, saying they'd be worried all the flavours would become one, or that they could only mix up different types of crisps with the same flavour theme.

In subsequent videos on TikTok, @mixyourcrisps addressed these flavour-based concerns with a spicy version of the crisp pick n mix box, combining Giant Flamin' Hot Wotsits, Chilli Heatwave Doritos, Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations, and Crunchy Flamin' Hot Wotsits.

This video garnered much more support, with TikTokers asking for a cheese and onion mix, prawn cocktail mix, beef mix and salt and vinegar mix. Now that's an idea we could get behind.