Crab Rangoon Is The Chinese Dim Sum Recipe Taking Over TikTok RN

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Crab Rangoon Is The Chinese Dim Sum Recipe Taking Over TikTok RN

Is it just us, or is something called crab rangoon all over your FYP right now? You know, those crispy, wonton-wrapped pieces of crab meat mixed with cream cheese?

The hashtag #crabrangoon has over 112 million views on TikTok and we can't get enough of all the ASMR-heavy eating videos that are being uploaded recently. But we want to know exactly what they are and where us Brits can get them.

Big in the US, crab rangoon (sometimes called crab puffs) are deep-fried crab and cream cheese wontons pinched into little dumpling-like purses that are usually served in Chinese restaurants. And by the sound of things, they're completely and utterly delicious.

Truth be told though, these crabby bites aren't exactly a traditional Chinese recipe. They're seriously Americanised, but we're not complaining!

Popping up all over TikTok right now, we've been seeing recipe videos left, right and centre. So finding out how to make the things isn't a problem for us (especially as we have a smashing recipe for them), but we want to know where to find them ready-to-eat. Bad news though guys... most British Chinese takeaways and restaurants don't tend to serve them. You'll have to really hunt around if you get hit with a craving.

But they're super easy to make yourself. All it takes is a trip to your nearest Asian supermarket and picking up some wonton wrappers, along with crab meat (you can use crab sticks) and cream cheese.

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