Courteney Cox updates '80s tampon commercial to reflect her menopause struggles

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Courteney Cox has parodied her 1985 Tampax commercial to highlight the challenges of menopause.

In 1985, the Friends star, then 21, became the first person on American TV to say the word "period". She recreated her infamous ad shot-for-shot on Instagram on Sunday but changed the script to deliver a message about menopause instead of menstruation.

In her new version, Courteney is shown asking, "Did your life completely change because of menopause?" as her 1985 version asks, "Does your life change once a month because of your period?"

When 1985 Courteney continues, "Still using pads?", current Courteney says, "Still getting hot flushes? Let me tell you straight! Menopause can change the way you feel about getting older."

She continued to joke, "Menopause will eat you alive. It's horrible. Nothing else can do that. Plus, you can get the added bonus of drier skin and getting bald patches. Now that's something!"

Courteney concluded, "Remember, there is nothing good about menopause!"

In the clips, both young and current Courteneys pull up legwarmers by a bench as they address the camera.

In the caption, the 58-year-old simply wrote, "My commercial needed an update."

She received praise for the parody in the comments from the likes of Julianne Moore, Juliette Lewis and Leslie Mann, while Drew Barrymore wrote, "you know it’s one of my favs (sic)."