Courteney Cox just recreated her Scream fringe and we're obsessed

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When Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston's long-time hairstylist (and creator of the 90s-defining Rachel Cut) Chris McMillan, posted a picture on Instagram of Courteney's new "shaggy bangs," back in September, we all got a little bit excited - mainly because she gave off major Friends vibes by channelling her old character, Monica.

Ok, let's be honest, celebrity + new fringe always = us getting excited. There's something about a person in the spotlight having the guts to take scissors to the most prominent section of their hair, y'know? And they're all at it: Michelle Keegan's was a thing of beauty, as was Taylor Swift's curly version. Jennifer Lopez went '70s for her eye-skimming cut, and Alicia Keys went hard, with a full, blunt fringe (that's Fringe Season™ commitment right there).

When it comes to Courteney, we often forget that Monica's layered fringe was nothing, NOTHING compared to another character she played in a film that gained a similar cult status to Friends... Scream (Scream 3, to be exact).

Halloween may already seem like a distant dream as we prepare to go into lockdown again, but we're still staring at Courteney Cox's post from Saturday night, in which she paid tribute to the "bangs" she wore to play Gale Weathers in the 2000 sequel.

“Not the bangs!!!!!!!!” she captioned the selfie, while a person wearing a Ghostface mask held a pair of scissors up to her super-short hairline.

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Photo credit: Scream 3/Dimension Films
Photo credit: Scream 3/Dimension Films

And it's not the first time the actress has made fun of herself for Halloween, because this time last year she actually filmed herself cutting in the fringe (using a wig, obvs) for her followers' entertainment.

It turns out a lot of her fans considered celebrating halloween as Gale Weathers, with fashion designer Tan France even commenting: "NO WAY!! I was so tempted to be Gail Weathers with the bangs before I settled on Moira Rose!! I might be having regrets! 😭

Another follower said: "i was gonna be Gail too but I ended up being ghostface"

Will Courteney's homage to her terrifying fringe become an annual thing? Do Gale Weathers' bangs need their own public holiday? We're starting a petition...

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