Couple's TV house transformation into 'B&Q warehouse' shocks viewers

Yahoo Staff Writer

A couple's colourful house transformation has shocked TV viewers – after they made their dingy 1920s property 'uglier than before' by painting every window bright orange.

Armin and Amifa from Bellingham, south London, appeared on 'Ugly House to Lovely House' to transform their outdated and drab property into a modern home suitable for their young family.

But they raised eyebrows over the house's new neon-orange frames and dark-grey exterior, prompting many to comment that the scheme made the house look like a 'B&Q warehouse'.

Using a budget of £80,000 and after viewing a sample of the bright orange window frame by chance, the couple fell in love with the garish colour instantly.

The couple also paid to have a dark space grey extension attached the back of the house, made of what appear to be corrugated iron – which social media users compared to 'a prison'.

When choosing the colour of the window frames, Amifa told the programme: 'I'd go orange if I could, looks beautiful to me.

'I don't want to offend the neighbours and I don't want to annoy people.

'I'm not saying I'd do all the windows that colour, I'd probably do the smallest one just to pop out at you.'

But the final result of the makeover revealed the couple had actually used the bright colour to paint every one of the house's windows – leaving viewers to lay into their unique choices.

Some social media users raised concerns about the couple's neighbours, while other slammed the property for being 'uglier than before'.

One critic compared the new look to a 'prison', while one claimed the new colour scheme was an 'eyesore'. Another said: 'It looks like a 40ft shipping container.'

Another angry Twitter user wrote: 'Because everyone wants to work in a B&Q warehouse'.

Another remarked: 'Ask yourself this: would you buy a house with orange windows?'

Presenter George Clarke called the scheme 'radically different' to other properties on the street and asked the couple: 'Is this what you wanted?'

Amifa replied: 'It's not what we set out to do. But when we realised we liked what we liked, we just went with it.'

- This article first appeared on Yahoo