Couple spark controversy after giving wedding guests goldfish as party favours

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One wedding guest was surprised to find an usual gift on the tables [Photo: Pexels]

There are plenty of ways to thank your wedding guests for taking part in your big day from miniature gin bottles to personalised snow globes.

But one woman has revealed the “worst wedding favour” she ever received at a nuptials ten years ago.

Taking to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, she revealed that the bride and groom decorated the dining tables with small bowls of live goldfish – which guests were encouraged to take home.

But throughout the bash, people were busy feeding the fish leftovers from their plate.

In a bid to look after them, the woman decided to take home a pair though one passed away not long after the ceremony.

“One of the two was gone a short time later but the other one kept going,” she wrote. “After a while, he started to outgrow the tiny bowl so I bought him a bigger one – along with another goldfish. The new goldfish also died within a month, but the original one kept going.”

Do you agree with gifting pets as party favours? [Photo: Getty]

Eventually the original fish outgrew its bowl so she decided to purchase a small aquarium. Two years later, the fish was still alive and swimming.

She continued, “I hadn’t even wanted a fish to begin with, and I didn’t want to keep buying bigger aquariums, so eventually I gave him to a friend that had converted a bathtub into a fish pond. Last I heard, it’s still there.”

Unsurprisingly, social media users were quick to criticise the bride and groom’s decision to give fish as wedding favours.

One took to the post to write, “Giving animals as favours is f***ing awful.”

While another thanked the anonymous woman for looking after the fish, as they commented: “I’m glad you were a good person and took care of the fish but holy s***, who’s just like “ah yes, let’s have everyone take home something from our wedding that needs to be taken care of, I’m sure this won’t end badly for either the fish or the guests!”

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