Couple who own Right at Home Portsmouth celebrate 40 years of marriage

Joe and Madeline Morgan have celebrated 40 years of marriage. (Photo: Joe Morgan)
Joe and Madeline Morgan have celebrated 40 years of marriage. (Photo: Joe Morgan)

Joe and Madeline Morgan, owners of home-care provider Right at Home Portsmouth, have celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary with their family and friends.

The pair, who met when they were 22 years old, had a whirlwind romance and were engaged after just three months, before tying the knot exactly nine months later.

Joe and Madeline, who have lived in the Portsmouth area for nearly 20 years, have managed Right at Home Portsmouth since 2016 and they have seen success during that time.

The pair made the decision to open a home-care business together following successful respective careers in the aerospace and education professions, as they wanted to give something back to their local community and provide quality care support.

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Madeline said that the secret to a happy and healthy relationship is “acceptance of the other person for who they are now, as they were and as they will be in the future” while Joe said “the key is honesty and communicating your feelings.”

Madeline said: “I love Joe’s integrity and loyalty. We always support each other and make a good team, both in business and in life. But what gets on my nerves is his belief he that he’s always right and him criticising my parking.”

Alongside running their business, Madeline and Joe are kept busy with their four wonderful daughters and six grandchildren, whom they love to spend as much time with as possible.

Joe said: “My favourite thing about Madeline’s kindness and generosity of spirit.”