Couple experience blackout on their wedding day, go ahead with it anyway

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The couple's big day turned out to be one to tell the grandchildren [Photo: Getty]

From questioning your choice of bridesmaids to last minute nerves ahead of the dreaded first dance, it’s not unusual for the bride-to-be to be left tossing and turning the night before the big day.

But one couple proved that no matter how much you prepare, sometimes the unexpected happens - and it’s just about you handle it.

On Saturday (July 13), Craig Silverstein and Amy Rosenthal were just about to say “I do” at the Plaza Hotel in New York when the lights went out across the city.

To their surprise, the Manhattan district was plunged into darkness with thousands of city dwellers left without power - coincidentally 42 years after the Big Apple famously lost electricity for 25 hours.

But the newlyweds handled the situation perfectly and ended up having the most romantic outcome possible.

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In order to guide the bride down the aisle, guests quickly whipped out their phones to provide light.

“It was unbelievable,” the bride told the New York Times. “Everyone stepped up and were doing everything in their power to make the night a special one.”

At the reception, the wedding band also used their initiative and instead of playing electronic instruments, the 12-piece group brought out trumpets, violins and saxophones.

New York Times journalist, Emma Fitzsimmons, tweeted a photograph taken of the newlyweds during the blackout and wrote: “They said their vows in the dark. No food; just candles. But they made the best of the situation and danced the night away.”

A second image also shows the wedding reception steeped in darkness with guests dining beneath candlelight.

The tweet soon went viral with social media users congratulating the happy couple.

“Love this story, just shows how simple things make great and pleasurable moments,” one wrote.

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“Love this! Perfect euphemism for life, when everything else goes dark, you just have each other,” another added.

So for any brides-to-be out there fretting over last minute wedding preparations just remember that no matter what happens, it’s about celebrating with the ones you love.

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